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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Tickling Yet Relaxing Experience in Tagaytay Fish Spa

In the highland city of Tagaytay, there is a place where you can experience healthy relaxation which tickles your feet in a cold water. Your pedicurists are numerous tiny fishes that will suck and bite any dirt in your feet which make you feel relaxed for twenty minutes followed by ten minute foot massage by our expert therapists. Recently, fish spa has become a popular trend in our country like in Manila Ocean Park. Here in Picnic Grove, you may visit in Tagaytay Fish Spa.
You may enjoy the fish pedicure treatment for 20 minutes which was done by Garra rufa or simply Doctor Fish. You may pick between the sucking type where you can have a stimulating feeling in your feet, the biting type where the fish will remove some dead cells and dirt in your feet or you may try both types where you need to transfer to another seat for ten minutes.
These small fishes help to remove the dry skin cells. You may pick between the biting or sucking type. 
Interesting facts about Fish Pedicure,
For me, having a fish pedicure is a habit for me where I visit this place once in two to three months to feel relaxed and having a foot spa in a natural way. This type of foot massage is proven very effective and feeling pleasured in a sense that small fishes will tickle your feet and the staff of the Tagaytay Fish Spa are truly accommodating and friendly.

Tagaytay Fish Spa is located within the vicinity of Picnic Grove. The entrance fee for Picnic Grove is worth P 50.00 and Fish Spa is worth P 199.00

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