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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Not Just An Ordinary Picnic in the Highland Park: Picnic Grove, Tagaytay City

When I was young, Tagaytay City is one of the favorite places that my family and I always visit. We enjoyed the cool climate, the delicious products such as tropical fruits and native delicacies and the panoramic view of the smallest active volcano in the world, Taal Volcano surrounded by the turquoise waters of Taal Lake and the towering verdant, lush mountains dotted with small houses in the lakeshore towns of Batangas. That is why, there are many investors who establish their business in this highland city as well with the local and foreign tourists who spend their weekend getaway and vacation. In other words, Tagaytay City got its moniker as "The Summer Capital of Southern Luzon" and "Little Baguio of Cavite".
Welcome marker of Picnic Grove
Map of Picnic Grove
Children are playing and flying kites in the verdant slopes of Picnic Grove.
One of the interesting places in Tagaytay City is Picnic Grove. There are many things that you can accomplish in this place. First, you can spend your family bonding moments in this place by staying at cozy cottages in the rolling hills which is the trademark of the highland park. You can make your picnic in this park through renting a cottage. You can play in this park by flying kites and at the same time, you can buy souvenirs such as t-shirts and clothes.
Cozy cottages with concrete benches is the trademark of Picnic Grove.

You can spend time with your family and friends in this cottage plus the panoramic view of Taal Volcano.
Aside from having a picnic and flying kites, you can tour the whole park park via ecotrail.  First, you are going to have a stroll in the park and you will pass the hanging bridge and visit the clubhouse through ecotrail where you are going to pass the stairs and enjoy the ambiance of lush trees. You can have an adventure trail also through horseback riding where you are going to have a tour in the hills and see the Taal Volcano. You can do horseback riding from Picnic Grove in order to have a trek to Taal Lake and crossing the lake to hike the Taal Volcano.
Hanging bridge, part of the ecotrail in Picnic Grove
You can experience adventure trail through horseback riding in the rolling hills of Tagaytay City.
Zipline at Picnic Grove
You can experience the thrill to see the stunning highlands through riding a cable car with your family and friends. If you want more challenge to overcome your fear of heights, you can try the zipline plus you will experience to see the bird's eye view of Taal Volcano and Taal Lake as well with the verdant rolling mountains of Batangas.
Fish Spa plus Free Foot Spa
Another interesting and new activity in the place is the Fish Spa. You will soak your feet in a pool of water with doctor fish.  These fish will remove dead skin in your feet by sucking and biting and after that, you can have your free foot massage via cleaning and washing the feet.
The view of Taal Volcano surrounded by Taal Lake and the verdant mountains of Batangas.
Overlooking the town of Talisay, Batangas from Tagaytay City.
I hope that there are few areas in Picnic Grove should improve such as putting a welcome arc in the entrance of the park. Therefore, this park is an ideal venue for weekend getaway for your family and friends because you can accomplish many activities and enjoy the panoramic view of Taal Volcano and Taal Lake from the highland city. Visiting Tagaytay City is such a wonderful experience as well with the fact that it is a refreshing moment away from the hustles of city living.

  • Entrance Fee                      -   P50.00
  • Cottage Rental                   -   P100.00 - P200.00
  • Cable Car                          -   P200.00 / person
  • Zipline                               -    P400.00
  • Fish Spa                            -   P199.00

How to Get There:
You can ride a bus from Manila to Tagaytay City. From Tagaytay Rotonda, you can ride a jeepney which takes you to Brgy. Sungay East where Picnic Grove was located.

Watch out for my personal entries about the activities that I accomplished in Picnic Grove. Thanks.

Date of Travel: November 30, 2011 and April 4, 2013


  1. Wow, what a breathtaking view. One of my dream travels is to be in Tagaytay... I really wish I can go there soon :)

  2. this place is on my lists of place to spend for summer vacay

  3. Picnic Grove really is a nice place to spend time with the family. However, I think they need to properly maintain the place since the last time I was there, it all looked rusty and unkempt :(

    :) Erika

  4. Hubby and BIL tried that zipline the last time we went to Picnic Grove while daughter and I tried the cable car. It was really amazing but a little scary looking down at the hill and the trees below. Haha.

  5. The FISH SPA is what I'd like to try. How does it feel when school of fish comes to you and bite your "TALAMPAKAN"?

  6. They have really added some attraction for the people to enjoy aside from the view of Taal Volcano.

  7. We have been to Tagaytay about five times and often hear about Picnic Grove but never once been there. Whaha it seems like a refreshing place to just hang out.

  8. Many happy memories of my younger days was spent in tagaytay Picnic Grove.

    I am glad that the administration was able to maintain the park for the next generation to enjoy.

  9. I also appreciate every visit I have in Tagaytay with the scenic views and the cold climate.


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