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Monday, December 31, 2012

Memorable Travels of 2012

It was one of the most memorable travels I had in Laguna. I was able to do my Visita Iglesia in the Laguna Loop visiting the churches of Pila, Santa Cruz, Magdalena, Liliw, Nagcarlan, Majayjay, Luisiana, Cavinti, Pagsanjan, Kalayaan, Paete and Pakil. I appreciated the Baroque architecture of the Spanish era churches which was built centuries ago.

I am always posting this year about my commuting tour in Laguna Loop. It was started last year where I visited some of the landmarks in the said area which reflected the history of the province. In Victoria, I saw the colorful duck statues as well with the poultry industry in the town. In Pila, I took a glimpse of history with the heritage plaza with its ancestral houses. In Nagcarlan, I went to the Underground Cemetery and climbed to the belfry of Saint Bartholomew Church to see the view of the town. I also had a chance to take the canopy walk to Taytay Falls in Majayjay plus the thrilling adventure in the zigzag roads of the place. I saw the beautiful turquoise waters of Sampaloc Lake and take a glimpse of history in Magdalena. I also appreciated the art in Paete and Pakil and took the one hundred twenty-six steps to the hilltop church of Mabitac during the rainy weather.

I challenge myself if I can make a budget for one day shopping for only five hundred pesos. Well, it was all happened in Liliw where I bought a lot of native products from slippers, fruits, native sweets and even bayong. I bought it for affordable prize plus it has a good quality. I also experienced to eat at cozy restaurant in the town and it was a great delicious food offered in the place.

 Intramuros, Manila (Fort Santiago to Luneta Park)
Taal, Batangas (Saint Martin de Tours Basilica, Taal Heritage Town, Our Lady of Caysasay Church)
Calamba, Laguna (Rizal Shrine and Rizal Statue) *
Kawit, Cavite (Aguinaldo Shrine and Kawit Church) *
Maragondon, Cavite (Bonifacio Trial House) *
Trece Martires City, Cavite (Thirteen Martyrs) *

* These memorable travels are soon to be posted this 2013

Looking forward this 2013 to have more travels around the Philippines.
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