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I love to travel just to explore new things in life from breathtaking natural wonders, interesting historical sites, delicious food, friendly people and colorful culture. I treasure every moment in traveling by writing in my journal, taking photos and publish it in my travel blog.
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I am Jonathan Diesta, 26 years old and I'm a teacher by profession and a writer, blogger, traveler, photographer and quizzer by passion.

I love to travel alone and most of the time,

I love to take pictures of landmarks which serve as a souvenir of the places that I visited.

I also love reading books, Internet surfing, listening to music and watching reality shows.

I am also a trivia enthusiast and a quizzing fanatic.

I also had a break in blogging for two years due to busy schedule and I am back to pursue my passion in writing, traveling and quizzing. 

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