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I love to travel just to explore new things in life from breathtaking natural wonders, interesting historical sites, delicious food, friendly people and colorful culture. I treasure every moment in traveling by writing in my journal, taking photos and publish it in my travel blog.
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This is my second Blogspot account. After the success of the first blog, Perspectives in White Scratch Papers, the second blog called Travel and Paper Perspectives is focused on travels in the Philippines or if it is possible around the world. The blog focused on topics about travel especially visiting tourist destinations and towns which can be interesting for the online readers as well with local delicacies, culture and traditions, historical visits and travel photos. It also contains my travelogues, travel tips and travel round-ups.

The purpose of having this travel blog is to explore the natural beauty of the Philippines from tourist destinations and places of interest in towns and provinces, local delicacies, colorful culture, unique traditions, memorable historical events, and friendly people. As I took the first step in the place I will visit, I always have my pen, journal, digital camera, knowledge, confidence and the heart to reach out the town and province in order to write my travel piece. I love to write because I want to share the things that I experienced to the readers especially in traveling my homeland.

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