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Monday, March 4, 2013

Pinoy Delicacies on Cool Summer: Digman Halo-halo of Bacoor, Cavite

Halo-halo from BC2 topped with
ice cream, ube and leche flan.
It's summer time! The scorching heat of the sun waves through the tropical streets of Bacoor in a Tuesday afternoon. The bright ambiance makes the summer more fun in Cavite. In addition, you can experience our own thirst-quenching delicacy called halo-halo which has colorful sweet ingredients that combine with creamy milk and crushed ice which quenches your thirst and satisfy your taste buds. 

Last year, I decided to visit Barangay Digman located near in the town plaza of Bacoor. This barangay is popular because of their delicious halo-halo. There are two stores  located near H. Rubio and C. Gawaran Streets that offer Digman Halo-halo and I had a chance to visit these refreshment parlors. The first one is The Original Digman Halo-halo and Homemade Siopao and just a walk away from that store is the BC2 Original Famous Digman Halo-halo Special: Talk of the Town. I have tried both stores and in fairness to them, they have creamy, thirst-quenching, and mouth-watering ingredients. I had a question that comes to my mind, "Which one is the original Digman Halo-halo?"

Both stores have newspaper and magazine clips even famous celebrities visited these refreshment parlors. Both of them claiming that they were the original and they are convincing in terms of their delicious specialties. However, the BC2 Original Digman Halo-halo (located along C. Gawaran Street) has one scoop of ice cream in their halo-halo and the Original Digman Halo-halo and Homemade Siopao has leche flan and ube as their toppings but they have colorful layers of ingredients. Plus, this store offers Siopao and other local delicacies such as spaghetti, pansit and kutsinta.
The ingredients of BC2 Original Digman Halo-halo.
The colorful Digman Halo-halo. (The Original Digman Halo-halo and Homemade Siopao)

Green Gelatin
Red Gelatin
Red mongo
Sago (tapioca pearls)
Leche Flan
Nata de coco
Therefore, I enjoyed my time eating the specialties of two Digman halo-halo stores. I want to go back again there to try their thirst-quenching halo-halo as well with their other delicacies.

How to Get There:
From Manila, you can drive to Bacoor town proper passing SM Bacoor and you can go to Barangay Digman which is near in the town plaza. Then you can go to C. Gawaran and H. Rubio Streets to visit the two Digman halo-halo stores.

Date of Travel: April 2012
Original Digman Halo-halo and Homemade Siopao
 BC 2 Original Famous Digman Halo-halo Special: Talk of the Town Since 1969


  1. Super sarap tingnan! :) I wish to taste that :) Summer is too hot not to eat halo halo :) will buy one soon but I wish it would be that halo halo :) drool

  2. Wow, I bet this is one of the best halo-halo stores around! :)

  3. Wow mukhang masarap pero ang layo whaha

  4. I've heard a lot about this! But, I don't intend to go to cavite just for halo halo so I hope they open one here in manila

  5. I super duper like halo-halo. Oh I wish Cavite is just a ride away from here!! :P

    Mrs. Kolca of Pink MagaLine


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