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Thursday, May 9, 2013

"The Mount Everest Experience" at Escolta

In the midst of the scorching heat of the sun in a sizzling summer noon, I want to climb at the Mount Everest to escape the intense summer heat. However, it is located in the cold and snowy Himalayas mountains in the borders of Nepal and Tibet. However, I experienced that Mount Everest feeling in the busy and crowded streets of Escolta. How?

Well, I went on hopping to a refreshment parlor which is similar to what I have done last year in Bacoor where I ate two orders of Digman halo-halo. This year, I tried to visit a cozy ice cream parlor located in the former shopping capital of Metro Manila which is Escolta.
The busy street teemed with the old buildings of Escolta.
After a five minute walk from Santa Cruz Church, you can find the Escolta Ice Cream and Snacks. It is an ice cream parlor in a small space of a building but you can try different food and delicacies especially their ice cream with different colors and flavors, courtesy of Big Scoop Ice Cream.
Escolta Ice Cream and Snacks
The entrance to Escolta Ice Cream and Snacks
I decided to order their specialty worth P200.00. It was named Mount Everest because it is a mountain of ice cream with nine flavors. It is where the highest mountain in the world got the height of approximately 8,500 feet which can be rounded off into 9,000. Well, the specialty is composed of nine scoops where I am going to choose from thirty flavors and it is garnished with nuts and chocolate syrup and topped by whipped cream and cherries. It looks delicious but challenging to eat.
First set of flavors: Strawberry, Vanilla, Avocado, Golden Langka, Cheese and Orange.
Second set of flavors: Mint Chocolate Chip, Rocky Road, Mocha, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Macapuno and Pistachio.
Third set of flavors: Mango Royale, Dark Chocolate, Midnight Cookies and Cream and Sweet Corn.
Fourth set of flavors: Banana Nut, Strawberry Fields, Double Dutch, Chocolate Peanut, Green Tea.
Fifth set of flavors: Guyabano Sherbet, Mango Sherbet, No Sugar Added Buko Pandan and No Sugar Added Mango.
Sixth set of flavors: Ube, Chocolate, Bubble Gum with Marshmallows and Cookies and Cream.
When I had a chance to take my order, I found myself that I will go with the Mount Everest. I chose the nine flavors which is somewhat interesting to my taste buds for sizzling summer. I chose Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla and Mango Royale as my four all-time favorite ice cream flavors. Then the remaining five flavors namely Strawberry Fields, Mint Chocolate Chip, Bubble Gum with Marshmallows, Mango Sherbet and Orange are somewhat new to my ears and it is exciting to take these new flavors. Then, I also bought iced tea worth P30.00 for drinks. I waited for five minutes then after that, I started to eat the Mount Everest.
Mount Everest and Iced Tea. Mount Everest Side A: Bubble Gum with Mallows, Mango Royale, Strawberry Fields in the bottom and Side B with Mango Sherbet, Mint Chocolate Chip and Chocolate; Vanilla and Strawberry in the center and Orange in the top. Mount Everest is topped with cherries and whipped cream garnished with nuts and chocolate syrup.
It was approximately ten to fifteen minutes to take that specialty. I started to savor every flavor: the creaminess of milk in Chocolate and Vanilla, the natural fruit flavors in Orange, Strawberry, Mango Royale and Mango Sherbet as well with the real strawberry bits teemed with cream in Strawberry Fields and the coolness of Mint Chocolate Chip and Bubble Gum with Mallows teemed with chocolate chips and marshmallow bits. In addition, the garnished nuts, whipped cream and cherries add flavor to my excitement in eating the Mount Everest. Overall, it was such a relieving experience from the intense summer heat in the city as well with the sweet and creamy gustatory trip.
Menu A for Escolta Ice Cream and Snacks: Desserts and Snacks
Menu B for Escolta Ice Cream and Snacks: Main Dish and Beverages
A small but cozy refreshment parlor plus the seats are comfortable.
Aside from the delicious Mount Everest, Escolta Ice Cream and Snacks offered other desserts and I am interested to take if I come back here next time. In addition, the value meals and beverages are also delicious plus the prices are affordable and reasonable for customers. The ambiance here is also good and very clean although it is occupied in a small unit but the seats are very suitable plus the staff are very friendly and accommodating.
I will come back here soon for another post. Tara Let's Eat!

How to get there:
You can ride a jeepney from Lawton to Santa Cruz. Then ask the driver to take you to Plaza Lacson or Santa Cruz Church and you can walk from there to Escolta Ice Cream and Snacks. (You can pass the Bank of the Philippine Islands Building, Regina Building and Santa Cruz Building).

Escolta Ice Cream and Snacks
275 Escolta Street, Binondo Manila

Date of Travel: May 8, 2013


  1. Oh! I love the idea of their ice cream, Mt. Everest is terrific for this sizzling hot summer.

  2. wow you were able to finish all that ice cream! :) I love the different colors of that Mount Everest.. :)

  3. I love ice cream! If this place is near in my home then I will definitely be their regular customer :)

  4. Whaaa! these ice creams are just perfect for summer! Sarap

  5. What a comparison of Mount Everest and with Escolta Ice cream seller. In the first reading, I was wondering how does Mount Everest be similar with Escolta, just to find out later that it is about tripping ice cream adventure.

  6. To all the bloggers and readers who read my post, thank you very much! I will come back there soon to try other combinations of Mt. Everest. This one that I posted is a summer quencher combination which is creamy (Vanilla and Chocolate), fruity (Orange, Strawberry, Strawberry Fields, Mango, Mango Sherbet) and cool (Mint Choco Chip and Bubble Gum Mallows).

  7. With the heat of the sun, refreshment shop hopping would be a really good idea.

  8. wow, mt. everest... that's a lot of flavors to taste. love to try that... i guess i'll be choosing those not common ones like guyabano, banana nut, green tea and alike. hope they soon open a branch in our city. Yahweh bless.

  9. Fudge! I really should try that.. the cost is actually equivalent to the cupful of Golden Spoon. Sa Golden Spoon bitin ako eh, pero dito mukhang mabubusog ako! :)

  10. Looks very much like Swensen's. I would love to try it out! =)

  11. Ma-try nga yan!! Great info sir!

    -Billy of http://galaero-escapetravels.blogspot.com/

  12. Mint chocolate ice cream :) craving .....


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