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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Of Ruined Barracks and Batteries: Historical Structures in Corregidor Island

It is my dream to visit the ancient ruins of Greece and Sicily. Here in the Philippines, I already saw the counterpart of these beautiful Greek ruins with its magnificent architecture and stunning foundation which makes the building strong and standing for many years.

Corregidor Island is famous for its landmarks which are the ruined barracks in different parts of the island. These barracks were built and used by the American soldiers during the American occupation in the country. In addition, the island was functioned as a military reservation. They catered American soldiers and their families in these buildings. During the Second World War, these barracks were bombed by the Japanese troops which leave its mark as ruined buildings. There are different barracks in Corregidor including the Mile Long Barracks, Middleside Barracks, Cine Corregidor Ruins and the Post Headquarters Ruins.

Aside from the ruined barracks, there are also batteries and artilleries in the island. These huge guns were used during the war in order to fight against the invaders. The most popular spot for these weapons is the Battery Grubbs where you can see a large canyon which faces the South China Sea. In addition, you can see the Bataan Peninsula which is three kilometers away from the island as well with the neighboring islands including Caballo Island and Fort Drum. You can also visit the Parade Grounds where American troops landed via parachute in that place and you can see large guns and missiles in that open ground.

Lastly, we also have the Spanish Lighthouse which is located in the Topside. It was built during the Spanish era. You can climb the lighthouse in order to see the panoramic view of the Tailside of the island as well with the neighboring islands and the South China Sea. This lighthouse was operated by solar energy where you can see solar panels near the building.

This experience of visiting the old buildings in Corregidor makes me learn about the history of our country that I studied in books when I was taking Philippine History in elementary and high school. I learned about that these buildings and weapons are witness of valor and camaraderie of Filipino and American heroes during the Second World War.

Watch out for my next article about Corregidor Island.

Date of Travel: March 13, 2010

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