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Saturday, March 2, 2013

A View from the Lakeshore: Visiting San Pablo City

San Pablo City is known as "The City of Seven Lakes" and one of the component cities in Laguna. The progressive city is the home of seven lakes namely Sampaloc, Muhicap, Pandin, Yambo, Palakpakin, Calibato and Bunot. These lakes are source of freshwater fish and tourists go to these lakes to see the natural and picturesque beauty of the city. San Pablo City is nestled in the foothills of the three mountains namely Banahaw, Makiling and San Cristobal. 

According to Wikipedia, the seven lakes are maars or low volcanic craters located in the San Pablo Volcanic Field. They are among 200 small monogenetic volcanoes found along the Macolod Corridor, a rift zone between Mt. Makiling and Mt. Banahaw. These craters can create an eruption where ground water comes along with magma pushing up near Earth's surface. 
Sampaloc Lake, the largest among the seven lakes with the view of Mount Banahaw.
I had a chance to visit the city last year in order to explore the Laguna Loop. I made my first stop in San Pablo City to take my breakfast. Then I visit the Saint Paul the Hermit Cathedral, the church located in the town proper of San Pablo City. It was built in 1586 by the Augustinian friars and its present structure was constructed in 1714.  The cathedral is known for its Neoclassic architecture as well with its stunning dome.
San Pablo Cathedral
The facade of San Pablo Cathedral
After I visited the cathedral, I decided to visit the largest among the seven lakes, the Sampaloc Lake. The tricycle driver offered a tour to the lake which is located within the town center. Then I made it and I saw the picturesque view of the lake. The turquoise waters that teemed up with the astonishing and verdant view of Mount Banahaw makes the best view of the lake. 
Fish pens and fish cages prove that Sampaloc Lake is rich in freshwater fish.
Two elementary girls taking photos of the beautiful lake. It seems that they have a future as photographers or bloggers.
I also noticed the old and concrete stairs to the town proper. The Sampaloc Lake Concrete Stairs was built in 1965 by President Diosdado Macapagal. As you go upstairs, you will see the Bonifacio Monument and a terrace where you can see the panoramic view of the lake. You can also visit the City Hall of San Pablo City which is near to the lake.
The marker of Sampaloc Lake Concrete Stairs
The concrete stairs of Sampaloc Lake teemed with ornamental plants.
Bonifacio Monument
The panoramic view of Sampaloc Lake
After the tricycle tour in Sampaloc Lake, I appreciated the tricycle driver who did a tour along the lakeshore of the largest lake in San Pablo City. Although, I visited this city in less than one hour, I appreciated the fact that there are beautiful places within an urban city. 

Date of Travel: February 2012

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