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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shopping Galore Challenge in Liliw

I've been to Liliw four times and I always noticed the Pinoy market place scene in the town proper. I always noticed the line up of stalls and stores and even a few fast food chains. That is why, I came back here to challenge myself to have a shopping galore in this town.
The busy town center of Liliw where you can find a lot of stalls, stores and fast food chains.
The challenge here is I have only 800 pesos as my pocket money. Due to transportation fare from Cavite to Liliw, I already used 200 pesos. Now I only have 600 pesos so I decided to use 400 pesos for shopping spree in Liliw's town center.
St. John the Baptist Church in Liliw. This church was built in 1605.

The belfry of the church.
The interior of the church.
Before I started the challenge, I went to St. John the Baptist Church. I really appreciated the Baroque architecture as well with the bricked facade and the solemn ambiance of the church.
One of the markers of Cafe Arabela.
The entrance to Cafe Arabela.
The low ceiling restaurant was patronized by the locals and foreigners because of the delicious food.

Delicious lunch: Beef lasagna with toasted ginger bread plus Mango Juice.
Beef Lasagna with Ginger bread. Looks like small but makes my stomach full.
Two pieces of Brownies. 
1. Foodie Challenge:  I went to Cafe Arabela, one of the famous yet fancy restaurants in Liliw. It offers delicious food ranging from pizzas, pastas, cakes, pastries, tacos, salads, and steaks as well with its thirst-quenching beverages especially fruit juices, sodas and shakes. The restaurant also offers delicacies with a local twist especially the pasta with kesong puti (a local cheese made from carabao's milk), tanigue steak (a fish steak), and green mango shake (although it tastes so sour but I think it is delicious). I ordered Beef Lasagna, Mango Juice and two pieces of Brownies. In addition, the low ceiling restaurant was clean and patronized by the locals and foreigners who want to taste Italian food in Liliw. After I finished eating in Cafe Arabela, I decided to visit again this cozy restaurant and eat their other delicacies when I come back to Liliw
Rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum)
Lanzones (Lansium domesticum)
Durian. This fruit was originally came from Mindanao but now it is planted in the rich soils of Laguna.
2. Shopping for Fruits and Snacks: I also bought local fruits especially rambutan and lanzones because it is the harvest season for these fruits and sold in the markets of Liliw. In addition, I also bought uraro (arrowroot cookies) and the taste was really sumptuous at its affordable price. I also appreciated the fact that Liliw as well with other neighboring towns in the Banahaw region of Laguna Loop was able to plant and harvest durian which was common in Mindanao.
Colorful and sturdy yet cheap slippers and sandals are truly made from Liliw.
You can buy a product by its quality. Truly Pinoy!
3. "Tsinelas o Bayong." We all know that the town is popular for very good quality of slippers and footwear. The amount of slippers and footwear in the stalls of Liliw ranging from 50 to 200 pesos. Before, I bought an alfombra slippers worth 200 pesos. This time I bought a rubber slippers made from Liliw worth 70 pesos. I enjoyed a lot by taking a glance in seeing the line-up of slippers in every stall that I visit. Because I bought a lot of products in the town, I decided to buy a "bayong" (a bag made of indigenous material which can be used in buying products as substitute for basket) in order to carry the products easy. In addition, I am thankful to Ate who sold this bayong for giving me the discount. I really appreciate the best quality of slippers and sandals in Liliw because it is sturdy and creatively designed as well with the fact that it is affordable.

Therefore, the shopping experience completed my travel experience in Liliw. I came home to Cavite with lots of pasalubong from Laguna as well with the fact that we need to patronize our own products. Buy Pinoy!

Other Pictures:
The statue of Gat Tayaw.
Gat Tayaw Park, Liliw
Tsinelas (Sandals) is a truly Pinoy product and it can be found in Liliw.
Overall, here's the summary of all the expenses of the shopping challenge in Liliw:
  • Cafe Arabela
    • Beef Lasagna                    -   P 95.00
    • Mango Juice                     -   P 50.00
    • Brownies (2 pieces)          -   P 30.00
    • TOTAL:                              P 175.00
  • Palengke Shopping
    • Bayong                               - P 75.00
    • Rambutan (1 kilo)               - P 25.00
    • Lanzones (1/2 kilo)             - P 35.00
    • Uraro (arrowroot cookies)  - P 35.00
    • Slippers                              - P 70.00
    • TOTAL:                             P 240.00
  • GRAND TOTAL:                       P 415.00
That's it, next time if I come back to Laguna, I will visit Liliw once again to explore more interesting facts about the town as well with the great Pinoy shopping experience.

Date of Travel:  September 30, 2012


  1. Last time I've been there was... oh my! a long time ago!!! college years!:)) and when we have that dream grand vacation to pinas come true -we'll definitely visit again! - esp for lanzones and slippers and shoes.. :)

  2. Liliw is known for it's shoes and sandals... we went there to buy some shoes and shops were just everywhere...

  3. i haven't been to Liliw. heck, i haven't been to Laguna for quite a long time! nice shopping challenge, but maybe you should visit restaurants that serves local Laguna delicacies or cooking for a more Liliw experience :)

  4. A historic church and place, great foods and a lot of fruits all in less than P800.

  5. Wow! Can you tour me in Liliw sometime? My friend just went here a few months ago, and she had lunch at Cafe Arabela. She loved the place. :)

  6. I went to Laguna twice but haven't been to Liliw yet. I will consider going there next time not to shop but to see the beautiful places you shared and of course have a taste of what Cafe Arabela is offering =)

  7. Woohhht! I love to visit LILIW, LAGUNA again. I went there when I was still working in Valenzuela. I visited the place with my colleagues from work. We buy sandals for only PHp50. I miss the place.

  8. I was wondering where's Liliw. I thought it was a town from Cavite. While I was reading some of the comments here I noticed that Liliw is in Laguna. The place is nice for shopping spree. I like the fruits and the tsinelas shop.

  9. Even a small town like Liliw have a lot of surprises. Aside from my fascination with old Churches and culture, I think the food were appetizing and make us drool.

  10. Old churches feels creepy(ambiance) yet interesting at the same time, and they resemble a strong foundation of structure, inevitable it is, wish to visit the church soon so long then from 1605!

  11. I love shopping and not the poshy ones so hands down to your superbly sulit shopping spree!

  12. been to Liliw. Ganda ng church nila and the place is simply beautiful plus the shoes and tsinelas may quality.

  13. I like the photos of the old church! I'm a sucker for colonial-era architecture and it's really great to see how much one can learn simply from taking a look at the structures of the age. Also with regards to your shopping, the stuff are so affordable!

  14. I had a feeling napamahal ka dun sa food. Pero i like the challenge you presented a. :)

  15. I was there last March, and I agre, maraming murang bilihin doon specially yung mga slippers and sandal.

  16. i remember my mom going there and coming back with lots of foot wears to sell. :) the lasagna looks so tempting and the lansones... awww!! not bad at all with your 800.00 pocket money. i wish i could go there too... now na!

  17. I just heard about Liliw, but in fairness it's nice to be in that place. I miss badly those durian and lanzones.

  18. Cool.. Would love to do the same challenge.. Anytime, anywhere. Haha. :)

  19. maybe if I was you ill hoard on those beautiful flat shoes

  20. Gosh!! I will use all the budget in those flat shoes! Haha!

  21. omg. ang cuuuteee ng mga flatshoes! :)

  22. I've been to several places in Laguna at least once but I can't recall if I ever got to Liliw. Maybe I'll visit them sometime soon. ^_^

  23. We used to sell footwear products from Liliw. Nice to know more about this humble town. Wow! I didn't know Durian are growing from this place.

  24. my greatest dream right now is to go to Liliw.....someone bring me there!!!

  25. The Big Tsinelas is Liliw's trademark. When you see this one, you know you're now in its ground. You just toured us in the place and show us its many attractions.


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